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Are you and your ex-partner dealing with child custody issues? Seeking to relocate but wonder what are the legal implications? Nothing heightens your emotions faster than discussions over long-term care arrangements for your children. There are many factors to consider, including lifestyle, work commitments, and financial stability and then, of course, there is the question of what your children want?

Natalie is approved by the Family Court to represent children in Family Court proceedings, and has been since 2010. Natalie has been representing children of all ages, from in utero (before a baby is born) through to young people in their late teens.

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Care arrangements that will meet your children's needs

If you are thinking about separating, your biggest concern is likely to be your children. Lots of parents manage to find a workable solution about when their children will have time with each of their parents. If you are having trouble reaching agreement, Schumacher Law can explain your options and try to assist you in reaching agreement with your ex-partner.

In the event that agreement cannot be achieved, the family lawyers at Schumacher Law can guide you through the process of applying through the Family Court for a Parenting Order (what used to be called a ‘Custody Order’).

Schumacher Law can guide you through your guardianship disputes and children's care arrangements

If you are a parent you are likely to be a “joint guardian” of your child. The law says you must consult and where possible reach agreement with your ex-partner about any major decisions for your child or children. There is not a set list but some of the more common issues are:

  • place of residence
  • schooling
  • medical decisions
  • religious decisions
  • change of name.
If you and your ex-partner are unable to agree on these (or similar issues) Schumacher Law may be able to assist you in clarifying matters and reaching an agreement. If agreement cannot be reached then it may be necessary for you or your ex-partner to apply to the Family Court for a Judge to determine the dispute. Schumacher Law can guide you through that process.

If you are concerned about the physical, sexual, economic or psychological well-being of your children in the care of your ex-partner, then you may like to consider applying for a protection order. Schumacher Law can help you with this also - our service is professional and discreet.

Natalie at Schumacher Law is a Child Lawyer appointed to represent your child's best interests in family court

Natalie has been approved to act as ‘Lawyer for Child’ on files. This means Natalie has been approved by a panel within the Family Court to represent children in Family Court proceedings. Natalie has been representing children of all ages, from in utero (before a baby is born) through to 16 year olds. Natalie has represented children as Lawyer for Child in parenting orders proceedings, guardianship disputes and Oranga Tamariki proceedings since 2010.
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Relocation isn't straightforward. You may need a family law specialist to help you with relocation proceedings  

Schumacher Law represents parents or caregivers who are looking to relocate with their children within New Zealand or internationally and also represents parents or caregivers who wish to keep their children where they are (to defend a relocation application).

With things like the internet and affordable travel, people from different locations have made far more connections. While this is positive in many respects, if the relationship ends there is often an instant desire for each person to return to their family for support. When there are children involved relocation is not straight forward.

For some people, it is not a desire to be with family which triggers relocation, but work issues. Difficulty obtaining employment, or progressing a career, can trigger the relocation issue for separated families.

If agreement cannot be reached, either of the parents may apply to the Court for the issue to be determined by a Judge. If relocation has become an issue for you and your family, talk with Schumacher Law about your particular circumstances and what your options may be. 

Know your options when dealing with CYFS/Oranga Tamariki/Ministry of Social Development proceedings

If you are a caregiver looking to substitute CYFS Orders with a Parenting Order and/or Guardianship Order then Schumacher Law can help. This can sometimes be termed the “Home for Life” package. CYFS (also known as the Ministry of Social Development) often provide financial assistance for your legal fees. It is important that you know your options, understand your responsibilities and are aware of the consequences of going down this important legal path. Call Schumacher Law today to discuss your options.

Parents manage child care arrangements for their children in all kinds of ways after separation. Whatever your preference, seek advice from one of our team and have Schumacher Law by your side. Schumacher Law stands apart from other law firms in Auckland - our approach is practical and positive, and our service is inclusive. Contact Schumacher Law today for an appointment.

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